Name :Nickel master alloy
Application.:Nickel is preeminently an alloy metal, and its chief use is in the nickel steels and nickel cast irons, of which there are many varieties. It is also widely used in many other alloys, such as nickel brasses and bronzes, and alloys with copper, chromium, aluminum, lead, cobalt, silver, and gold (Inconel, Incoloy, Monel, Nimonic)

Name Name Name Name
Ni-La Ni-Mn Ni-Mg Ni-Ti
Ni-Co Ni-Mo Ni-Al Ni-Cu
Ni-Re Ni-Yb Ni-Er  Ni-La-Al
La-Al-Ni Ni-La-Ce  La-Ce-Ni Ni-La-Dy 

*We could provide various size of product according your requirement,such like ingot,rod,block and so on.


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