Name :Scandium
Chemical Formula :Sc
Desciption :silvery grey-white metallic
Purity :≥ 99.99%
Packing :As customer's requests
CAS No.:7440-32-6
Application.:The main application of scandium by weight is in aluminium-scandium alloys for minor aerospace industry components.Some items of sports equipment, which rely on high performance materials, have been made with scandium-aluminium alloys, including baseball bats,and bicycle frames and components.

Item Sc% TREM(%,Min)99.5%  Sc/TREM99.99%
Rare Earth lmpurities (%,Max) Non-RE lmpurities (%,Max)
Eu Gd Dy Ho Y Fe Si Ca Mg Al Ti C
1 99.5 0.0001 0.0002 0.0003 0.0002 0.001 0.001 0.003 0.002 0.0007 0.0002 0.008 0.001
Usage: Metal halide lamps (scandium sodium), solar batteries, high-energy radiation with nuclear energy shield (gamma-ray source) and special alloys (such as scandium aluminum),
*The size of element is mainly powder and granule.


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