Name :Germanium
Chemical Formula :Ge
Desciption :grayish-white
Purity :≥ 99.999%
Packing :As customer's requests
CAS No.:7440-56-4
Application.:The major end uses for germanium is for fiber-optic systems, including infrared optics, polymerization catalysts, and electronics and solar electric applications.The remaining uses such as phosphors, metallurgy, and chemotherapy.

Item Appearance Purity Resistivity Size
germanium Silver-gray appearance 99.999% 50Ω·cm(20±0.5℃) 60cm×30cm×20cm
Usage:Widely be used in the semiconductor and other germanium deep processing products.

 *We can also provide other Germanium serials such like Germanium dioxide, Germanium tetrachloride, Zone-refined germanium ingots, organicgermaniumand infrared germanium parts used in optical fields, whether they are standard or custom products.                                                                                           

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