Name :Welding material(Powder,Wire)
Application.:Be used for welding of radiator and LED

Types Tin - based alloy welding powder(Lead – free)
Alloy SnAgCu Sn-Ag Sn-Sb Sn-Bi Sn-Bi-Ag Sn-Bi-Cu
Melting Point 217-225℃ 221℃ 245-255℃ 138℃ 138-189℃ 149--209℃
Particle sizes 45-75μm, 25-45μm,20-38μm, 15-25μm, 5-15μm   
Oxygen content 90ppm, 110ppm, 130ppm, 150ppm, 200ppm
Types Special welding wire
Component  Sn-Sb Au-Sn Zn-Al Bi-Ag
Melting Point 240-250℃ 280℃ 380-450℃ 262.5℃
Diameter sizes Ф0.1-1mm

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