Name :Germanium crystal(IR)
Desciption :Excellent infrared transmittance, and the refractive index homogeneity, We can provide the different type including Circular, rectangular pieces, windows, lenses and prisms and so on, and the size up to 300mm of monocrystal and 380mm polycrystal in diamet
Application.:Infrared detection and imaging system

 Item Parameter
Purity >99.9999% Diameter ∮5-∮300mm(single crysta)/380mm(polycrystal)
Crystal structure single crysta & polycrystal Flatness 20μm
Conductivity N-type Perpendicularity <5'
Orientation <111> Bevel 0.2~1mm
Resistivity (Provide lower according to customer’s requirements) 5-40 Ohm-cm Edge.Chips ≤0.5mm
ETV ≤0.05mm
Tolerance Diameter: +/- 0.025mm
Length & Width: +/- 0.05 ~ +/-0.1mm
Thickness: +/- 0.025mm
Surface Quality Plano blanks: Slicing
Spherical surface :D25 ~ D76
Polishing window: As customer’s requiments

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