We offers a full line of sputtering targets with various components from industrial grade to super high purity

We deliver customizable solutions for your applications, which including single crystal silico, LED and IR optical materials

We supply a wide range of high purity metals,such like Aluminum,Arsenic,Gallium,the purity of materials from 3N to 8N.

We provide sixteen rare earth element,such like Lanthanum(La),Europium(Eu), Holmium(Ho) and so on,which is granular form and enclosed in glass bottle.

We offer Nano Alumina,Nano titanium dioxide and so on,which be widely used on Photocatalytic,ceramics,cosmetic.

We supply all kinds of alloy used for aerospace technology, computers and electronics, automotive,such like Aluminum,Magnesium,Copper and Nickel master alloy.

We supply most kinds of precious metal catalysts, main include Pd, Pt, Rh, Au, Ru, etc.

We provide comprehensive scandium product from scandium metal to scandium oxide,and supply various specification of AL-Sc alloy to satisfy customer’s requests.

Our customer promise

We offer highly competitive rates

We use updated technologies, cutting edge tools, machines and premium quality materials to provide you excellent products for your application. Providing excellent products at competitive rates and client satisfaction is our main goal...


We deliver outstanding service levels worldwide

We deliver all over the world according to our customers’ schedules. We’re able to offer reliability and a quick turnaround because we control the whole process, including weighing, cutting and bagging using our own machines and distribution from our own warehouses and lorries.


We only sell quality products

Our alloys are formulated and melted in house using high purity input materials so we will meet exact composition and purity requirements. We maintain lot traceability throughout our process, and a complete array of testing services is available to ensure that our product meets your specification..


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